At its core, the E2open Business Network allows network participants to securely provide and access information and execute business processes with external parties in real time to coordinate their key supply chain-related functions. The E2open Business Network has been specifically designed for companies that either manage or participate in distributed supply chains and whose business processes require collaboration among numerous entities performing multiple interdependent activities to source, produce, and fulfill demand for their products across disparate geographies. Currently, our Network connects over 37,000 trading partners and over 117,000 unique registered users in 69 countries who communicate in nine languages and trade in 26 different currencies.


E2open Business Network Growth

E2open Business Network Growth Chart
Note: E2open has a February fiscal year end.


Who's on the E2open Business Network? Browse a partial listing of trading partner companies now.

Our network is open, not limited to any single proprietary format, and supports a broad range of open industry standards.  Its next-generation open cloud interoperability model fundamentally changes the way transactions and data are mapped between trading partners, reducing the time and cost of ownership of trading partner connectivity.  This advanced business process-centric capability is made possible by our network content, our OAGIS standard-based canonicals, and productized maps that support cross-standard interoperability with X12, EDIFACT and other industry formats.

What productized maps are available on the E2open Business Network? Browse a partial listing of message guides now.

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